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Regency Micro-Crystalline Wax is a paraffin-based wax used by conservators, museums and private collectors on a variety of items such as fine antiques, painted surfaces, leather, gilded and bronze objects.
It is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Regency Wax has a higher melting point than beeswax and will not smear when applied.
Regency Wax has a high moisture barrier and is alcohol resistant.
Regency Wax can patina gilded surfaces Antique Clay Walls, Venetian Plastic and Kolcaustic Surfaces. It can be tinted when transparency is not desired with earth pigments to create a special effect.

Available only at Two varieties Asphaltum (Dark Wax), and Clear Wax.
Spread a thin, even coat of wax with a clean cloth.
Immediately wipe off excess with another piece of cloth.
Buff with soft cotton.
If surface is excessively dirty, clean first with mineral spirits. 
Wipe off residue with clean cloth.

Regency Wax
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