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Fine 100% Cotton Cloth used for French Polishing

Used daily in our shop and is a must have for creating fine polishes and finishes.

Sold here by weight in 1 pound (1 lb.) and 5 pounds (5 lbs.) Hand sorted to select best pieces.

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Regency Wax

Regency Micro-Crystalline Wax is a paraffin-based wax used by conservators, museums and private collectors on a variety of items such as fine antiques, painted surfaces, leather, gilded and bronze objects.
It is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Regency Wax has a higher melting point than beeswax and will not smear when applied.
Regency Wax has a high moisture barrier and is alcohol resistant.
Regency Wax can patina gilded surfaces Antique Clay Walls, Venetian Plastic and Kolcaustic Surfaces. It can be tinted when transparency is not desired with earth pigments to create a special effect.

Available only at ecrios.com. Two varieties Asphaltum (Dark Wax), and Clear Wax.
Spread a thin, even coat of wax with a clean cloth.
Immediately wipe off excess with another piece of cloth.
Buff with soft cotton.
If surface is excessively dirty, clean first with mineral spirits.
Wipe off residue with clean cloth.

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Walnut Crystals

Walnut Crystals is a water-based natural dye that has been used for centuries to color raw wood.
When dissolved in hot natural spring water in a ratio of one ounce walnut crystal to 4 ounces of hot water, the result is a dark rich ruddy brown color.
Note: If wood has a surface coating (i.e. painted finish) strip piece entirely. Be sure to remove all layers of paint, dirt and lacquer. If item is not entirely cleaned the result will be a blotchy finish
Ingredients: Walnut Crystals are derived from black walnut husks.
Instructions: Preparation of Piece
Step 1: After stripping, thoroughly sand with 220 red garnet paper. Pay special attention to corners and edges.
Step 2: Follow with a good rinsing with denatured alcohol which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
Step 3: Clean entire piece with water let dry. Sand with 220 red garnet sandpaper to remove wood whiskers.
Step 4: Now you are ready to apply walnut crystals

How to Apply Walnut Crystals
Step 1: Using brush or rag apply walnut crystals to wood.
Item will be as dark as you have made the walnut crystal solution.
Step 2: Allow to soak for 2-minutes. Wipe off excess.
Step 3: Let object dry overnight
Denatured alcohol acts like lens to the true color of the wood without removing walnut crystals. Let dry overnight. On small section wipe with denatured alcohol.
If wood is too light make a stronger solution and repeat steps
If wood is too dark wipe with clear water and repeat steps with weaker solution
This surface must be sealed, preferably with Shellac
Walnut Crystals are Organic, Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe
Sold here in Crystal form in 1 pound (16 oz.), 1/2 pound (8 oz.) and 1/4 pound (4 oz.) sizes.

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Natural Shellac

Natural Shellac is an Organic, Non-Toxic, Reversible, and Storable Finish.
Natural Shellac has been found on American furniture as early as the mid-1800’s and even earlier on French, Italian, and English furniture.
Orange flake shellac is the most commonly used. It has a natural amber color.

How to Prepare Shellac
Get two 1-quart size containers; purchase Denatured Alcohol from any hardware store.
Put shellac flakes in one container 1 ¾ full
Fill container with alcohol until liquid is 1 inch above shellac flakes.
Most shellac will dissolve in 3 to 5 hours (cover container). Will dissolve faster in sun or near radiator
Stir contents a few times during this time period.
Strain shellac with a piece of t-shirt material or cheesecloth into the other empty container.
Note: do not throw away what is left in the original container, simply add a little alcohol and it will dissolve
1. Now you have base shellac. Add equal amount by volume of alcohol to strained shellac. Now it is ready to use.
2. With a 3’’ brush apply 4 THIN COATS, wait ½ hour between applications.
3. Start in middle and brush out to edges. This method lessens chances to have drips
4. If you get lint or dust on wet surface, let it dry for an hour, then give area a light sanding with 320 Trimite Freecut sand paper, then apply another coat.
5. When complete wax with Regency Wax. Product found on Products Page
Professionals: Please e-mail or call for Special Orders of amounts over 5 pounds and for Red Garnet Flake Shellac, Seed Lac, Button Shellac, and Anglo Blonde Flake Shellac.
Orange Flake Shellac sold here 1 pound (lb.) and 1/2 pound (lb.) sizes.

Watch a How-To Finishing Video

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Dried Pigments

Dried Pigments Kits includes:
8 Natural Earth Pigments
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red
French Ochre
Vandyke Brown
Drop Black
5 Man-made Chrome Pigments
Red-Orange Chrome
Orange Chrome
Red Chrome
Green Chrome
Yellow Chrome
5 Man-made Aniline Dyes (Note: These dyes should only be used by professionals)

All of our pigments have been tested for strength and mix-ability in many solvents. Many types of paints can be formulated using these pigments:
Egg Tempera Paints
Casein paints
Distemper (Glue sized) Paints
Shellac-based paints
Oil Paints
Additionally, our Clear Regency Wax can be tinted with these pigments for special effects.
Each Pigment Color Sold in a 3 ounce size. Pigments NOT sold separately in on-line store. Pigment box NOT included.

Dried Pigments Kit


Fish Glue

Fish Glue is all-natural, non-toxic and deodorized. Also known as Hyde Glue, Fish Glue is one of the first glues used in wood work.

Fish Glue is a collagen (protein) glue. It is the most traditionally used glue in cabinet making and is accepted by most conservators.

Ingredients: Fish collagen for adhesion, Glycerin to maintain liquid form, and a deodorizer.

Fish Glue is Strong, Water-Soluble, Reversible and Non-Toxic. Can be used on wood, leather and paper.
Clean-up with warm water.
Sold here in a 8 ounce size.

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