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Milk Paint is Non-Toxic, Historical, Earth-Friendly Material. Ingredients: Lime, Milk Protein, Clays, Earth Pigments and Water.

Milk Paint is Biodegradable, Odor-free and emits No VOC’s. Comes in Powder Form.

Milk Paint is Non flammable and Non Combustible

Milk Paint is used on walls, wood furniture, in bedrooms, hospital rooms, children’s rooms, baby’s room and all other environmentally sensitive areas.

*Directions: Powder paint makes one gallon of Milk Paint. Add equal parts of natural spring water by volume to powder. DO NOT USE tap water. It contains chlorine and will not allow paint to adhere properly.

Applications: Best on untreated, clean, porous surfaces. For treated surfaces i.e. walls, use EXTRA-BOND

Available in 20 Base Colors in 3 Size.

  • GALLONS (48oz)- Covers Approximately 300sqft with one coat
  • QUARTS (12oz) Covers Approximately 75sqft with one coat
  • PINTS (6oz) -Covers Approximately 35sqft with one coat

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