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French Polishing Oil

French Polishing Oil is Non-Toxic.  It creates a Mirror-Like finish when using shellac.

French Polishing Oil is Organic, Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe

A French Fine Polish makes the difference.

Primarily used for final polishing of high French polish surfaces. Specially formulated with a blend of 75% natural palm leaf oils and 25% synthetic oils.  Very light, little or no residue and easy to spirit off.  Aids in achieving mirror-like finishes with shellac.

Main Ingredients: Light Mineral Oil, Canela oil, and other essential oils

Directions:  Once surface is colored and sealed with shellac, add a few drops of french polishing oil onto polish pad.  Polish using even long strokes.  This will allow surface to be burnished and will smooth out existing shellac finish.  This final result will produce a high lustrous surface.  

HINT:  If necessary, the shine can be toned down with fine steel wool and a layer of Regency Wax.


French Polishing Oil
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