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Dried Pigments Kit

Dried Pigments Kits includes:

  • 8 Natural Earth Pigments
    • Raw Umber
    • Burnt Umber
    • Raw Sienna
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Venetian Red
    • French Ochre
    • Vandyke Brown
    • Drop Black
  • 5 Man-made Chrome Pigments
    • Red-Orange Chrome
    • Orange Chrome
    • Red Chrome
    • Green Chrome
    • Yellow Chrome
  • 5 Man-made Aniline Dyes   (Note:  These dyes should only be used by professionals)

All of our pigments have been tested for strength and mix-ability in many solvents.  Many types of paints can be formulated using these pigments:

    • Egg Tempera Paints
    • Casein paints
    • Distemper (Glue sized) Paints
    • Shellac-based paints
    • Oil Paints

Additionally, our Clear Regency Wax can be tinted with these pigments for special effects.

Each Pigment Color Sold in a 3 ounce size.  Pigments NOT sold separately in on-line store.  Pigment box NOT included.


*Pigments above are not in list order.

*Read all directions before ordering.

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Dried Pigments Kit